Romero Law, APC has realized a number settlements and verdicts, and the following is a small sample that demonstrates the successful results that our experienced attorneys have achieved in various cases.


Andrew Rodriguez v. County of Los Angeles (Sheriff’s Department)
Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC680213
Jury Verdict – $8,115,000

A Los Angeles jury was unanimous in its findings that the LA Sheriff’s Department engaged in unlawful retaliation and harassment against Deputy Rodriguez, who had complained about unlawful race-based police stops at City of Industry Station in 2014.

The jury also unanimously found true the allegations that now-Undersheriff Timothy Murakami began a campaign of harassment and retaliation against Deputy Rodriguez, which ranged from launching multiple Internal Affairs investigations against him, harassing him at his home off of work hours, and falsely accusing Deputy Rodriguez of pulling out his gun and threatening to kill an unarmed suspect.

Anchor Bay Entertainment, LLC v. John Yuka & Giulia Family Trust, et al.
Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC496060
Judgment – Cancellation of Fraudulent Transfer Documents and Trust Deeds for $10MM Property

After the entry of a judgment for fraud as against a tortfeasors, the individual was found by the Court to have engaged in the fraudulent transfer of a certain piece of real property valued at time of trial in the range of $10MM.  After extensive discovery and numerous pre-trial disputes related to expert witness testimony, the firm obtained total vindication at trial, with a finding that the transferor engaged in a fraudulent transfer in order to avoid creditors, and that an additional $3MM trust deed recorded as against the property was a fraudulent artifice.

Both the fraudulent Quitclaim Deed and Trust Deed were cancelled by the Court after an exhaustive trial, the firm having dismantled the fraudulent scheme after years of abusive litigation and discovery practices intended to further the fraudulent scheme in question.

STARZ Home Entertainment, LLC v. Lindsay Dunlap and Ember Entertainment
Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC373707
Jury Verdict – $3,054,694.45

After persevering in the face of over three years of “scorched earth” litigation tactics by the Defendants, the firm obtained a $3,054,694.45 jury verdict in a television chain-of-title fraud action on behalf of its client, STARZ Home Entertainment, LLC. This amount included amounts for breach of contract, fraud, as well as substantial punitive damages against the Defendants, jointly and severally. Further, the firm was able to pierce the corporate veil based on extensive forensic accounting work distilled from tens of thousands of produced documents which  provided overwhelming evidence that the corporate entity Defendant existed only as an alter ego created for the sole purpose of facilitating the fraud perpetrated by the individual, alter ego defendant.

Anchor Bay Entertainment, LLC v. BF1 Films, LLC and Jeffrey Yordy
Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC468408
Judgment for $2,769,382.93

Defendant Jeffrey Yordy created a shell corporation, BF1 Films LLC, with the sole purpose to defraud various entities, out of millions of dollars for film production that was fully financed, but never actually filmed or delivered. Yordy, by and through his sham entity, BF1 Films, entered into a contract with the client to produce five films, and in return, Yordy and BF1 Films fraudulently obtained advances amounting to nearly $2,000,000.00 for films that were not only never delivered, but were never actually filmed or completed. Yordy materially breached his contract by only producing only one of the five films that he solicited monies for, and by fraudulently assigning film rights to third parties in violation of his output agreement with the client. Further, Yordy knowingly engaged in egregious, fraudulent activity to defraud the client and other third parties by forging financial documents, misrepresenting to third parties that exclusive rights to the subject films would be transferred in exchange for further investments, and providing further falsified documents purporting to evidence the completion of films which had, in fact, never commenced shooting. A judgment for fraud, restitution, and conversion was obtained and entered as to both Defendants, jointly and severally.

Lindsay Dunlap v. STARZ Home Entertainment, LLC
Second District Court of Appeals Case No. B230069
Jury Verdict for Intentional Misrepresentation (Fraud) Upheld

Defendant appealed an adverse jury verdict against her and her alter ego at time of trial. The 2nd District Court of appeals affirmed the jury verdict for intentional misrepresentation (fraud) after more than two years of briefings, supplemental briefings, motions, and oral argument pertaining to a complex legal dispute related to a contractual forum selection clause that was determined to be legally ineffectual on appeal.

Rebecca Bolanos v. Darbun Enterprises, Inc., Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, et al.
Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC354361
Settlement – $1,500,000.00

The Plaintiff was one year old when she underwent surgery to remove a benign cystic hygroma from her neck. As a result of post-surgical care that was alleged to be below the standard of care, the Plaintiff suffered a severe brain injury as the result of a sustained anoxic insult. The Plaintiff was rendered catastrophically and permanently brain damaged as a result, necessitating round-the-clock medical care for the remainder of her life. The ensuing litigation proved as complex as the injury itself, and the matter was fully and finally resolved after nearly four years of litigation and a major shift in California resulting from a published appellate decision.

Rebecca Bolanos v. Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles
169 Cal.App.4th 744, 87 Cal.Rptr.3d 174
Petition for Writ of Mandate granted.

An ancillary action to Bolanos v. Darbun, this appeal in the California Court of Appeal for the Second District sought to have the Court compel the Director of the California Department of Health Services to abide by the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Arkansas Dept. of Health and Human Servs. V. Ahlborn (2006) 547 U.S. 268 and Welfare & Institutions Code $14124.72(d) in calculating the amount of reimbursable expenses claimed by the Department in cases where medical care was provided to injured minors by and through the Medi-Cal program. The Court differentiated between past and future medical expenses in the calculation of the appropriate reimbursement amount in cases involving injured minors such as in this instance, utilizing a ratio between the settlement amount and the total claim asserted in order to ascertain the Medi-Cal lien amount. The matter was remanded to the trial court to determine the appropriate lien amount, which resulted in a substantially larger recovery amount on behalf of the minor client and a reversal of then-existing California law.

Alejandra Bolanos, et al. v. Miguel A. Bolanos
Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC509791
Judgment for $1,500,000.00

Defendant put into motion a scheme by which he engaged in an international kidnapping of the Plaintiff, then a minor.  Despite the difficulties of effectuating service on an international fugitive residing outside of the United States, judgment was entered and said judgment was executed as against frozen assets of the Defendant which had been interpled into the Court.

Confidential v. Confidential
Dissolution Proceedings
Marital settlement resulting in an estimated savings of $7MM to client.

Realized a marital settlement which resulted the client-spouse a savings in excess of $7,000,000.00 in a matter which involved highly complex accounting and Federal law issues.

Confidential v. Confidential
Dissolution Proceedings
Marital settlement resulting in an estimated savings of $1.6MM to client.

Obtained a highly favorable result for a family law client which resulted in a net savings to the client in excess of $1.6MM. This result was obtained in light of the widespread use of highly abusive litigation tactics by opposing counsel, to no avail.

Action for fraud and breach of written contract related to a series of securities investments in a now-defunct NASDAQ-listed medical technology concern. Judgment in favor of Plaintiff coupled with a successful execution upon real property owned by Defendants.

Jane Doe v. Employer
Settlement – $247,000.00

Plaintiff alleged that she had experienced substantial economic harm as the result of the illegal business practices of her employer. The employer categorically denied each and every one of its former employee’s allegations. The matter was resolved just prior to trial.

John Doe v. Employer
Settlement – $450,000.00

Plaintiff alleged that he had been discriminated against as a result of his race and had been denied promotional and partnership opportunities as a result.  Plaintiff filed suit under the Fair Employment and Housing Act and Labor Code § 1102.5.